MW DigiMedia can retouch all types of imagery from engineering photos to portraits.

  • The removal of blemishes, marks and unwanted elements that detract from the main focus of an image, be it a product, scene or a person.
  • Colour, exposure, brightness and contrast correction.
  • Noise reduction usually resulting from taking photos in low light environments.
  • Producing an alpha channel of an object in a scene so it can then be placed on any backing such as a white floor.
  • Adding an element from one image to another.
  • Restoration, bringing old photos with creases, rips and discolouration etc. back to their full glory to enjoy forever.
  • Colourisation of black and white or sepia photos.
  • Body manipulation involving making individuals look younger/older, thinner/larger, increase muscle mass, add a tan, the list goes on.
  • Photo montages and collages
  • Social media banners